Professional QLD Survey Drafting Services from Queensland Experts

With comprehensive QLD survey drafting services tailored to your specific needs, you now have a professional and determined team of experts at your disposal to help you with a wide range of land survey plans.

Feeling overwhelmed by a sudden inflow of work? Tired of losing clients or money through improper staffing?

Meeting deadlines and ensuring your plans are up-to-date with the most relevant Queensland standards is now easy with our professional survey drafting services.

The Need for a Local Cadastral Survey Drafting Service

Queensland legislation and the standards imposed by the Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM) have made it nearly impossible to outsource survey drafting overseas, primarily due to a lack of knowledge regarding legislation and the application of standards.

Our local Queensland drafting experts are familiar with the certification requirements, boundary definition specifications, and specific measuring and design standards for the state of Queensland. Our cadestral survey drafting professionals can, therefore, ensure a straightforward process for completing quality survey plans in time to meet your deadlines.

QLD Survey Drafting Services

Our comprehensive survey drafting services are compliant with Queensland surveying standards established by the DNRM. AutoCAD software is used for drafting, and the complete plans will be sent to you electronically in DWG and PDF formats.

Below is a list of the main drafting services we have to offer for the state of Queensland:

* Detail (Topographic) Survey Plans

* Standard Format Survey Plans

* Volumetric Format Survey Plans

* Building Format Survey Plans

* Service Location Diagrams

* Exclusive Use Plans

* Identification Survey Plans

* Disclosure Plans

* Town Planning & Urban Design Plans

* Building Lease & License Plans

* As Constructed (ASCON) Plans

* Sales & Marketing Plans

Convenience and Tailored Services

Other types of plans will be available upon request. We are able to deliver a completely tailored service for survey drawings designed using the latest computer aided design software. Drawings will be delivered in both CAD and PDF format, and can be printed conveniently, including all drawings to scale with fonts and line work. Turnaround times of 24 hours may be possible for smaller projects.

Our company can assist you with your production needs at every stage of your project. Having previously worked together with Queensland architects, engineers, planners and surveyors in a variety of projects involving construction, land mapping, and legal boundary definition, we can ensure an ideal level of quality for QLD survey drafting.