Professional NSW Survey Drafting Services for Highly Accurate Survey Plans

Looking for a professional NSW survey drafting company to avoid the headaches of hiring your own staff?

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Some of the disadvantages of trying to staff your own survey drafting office include high costs, an uncertain number of clients, a lack of initial experience, and the process of acquiring new CAD software along with all the appropriate licenses.

The only other alternative for surveying companies is to try outsourcing. However, in New South Wales, survey plans have to be drafted according to comprehensive guidelines dictated by New South Wales LPI (Land and Property Information) regarding dimensions, orientation, mathematical closure, and the presentation of depicted data.

Our company has the knowledge and expertise to help you.

Standards and Services

In New South Wales, the Real Property Act 1900 and the Conveyancing Act 1919 are pivotal for the establishment of standards regarding survey plans and compiled plans. These regulations continue to drive the main standards that need to be followed for NSW survey drafting.

While in some instances a special concession from the Registrar General can grant the acceptance of a compiled plan requiring far less drafting, in most cases complete and correctly drafted survey plans are required. These plans are expected to account for all new subdivision lines and to be drafted in accordance with New South Wales Regulations.

With the help of our highly experienced draftsmen, you can ensure that all your survey plans are up-to-date with the latest standards and guidelines for the preparation of plans set out by the NSW Government.

Below is a list of the main drafting services we have to offer for the state of New South Wales:

* Detail (Topographic) Survey Plans

Deposited Plans

Strata Plans

* Identification Survey Plans

* Building Lease & License Plans

Permanent Mark Sketches

* As Constructed (ASCON) Plans

* Town Planning & Urban Design Plans

* Sales & Marketing Plans



Custom Plans and Relevant Support

When contacting us, you can also propose and discuss custom terms and requirements for your survey plans. Our flexible, personalized services are managed by experienced professional drafting experts, who have spent years working together with engineers, architects, commercial and residential property owners, builders, and surveyors.

All the plans and diagrams we work on are developed using professional CAD software, and our drafting professionals can cover everything from small, simple plans right through to highly complex survey drafting projects.

Our support representatives can help you with every stage, and provide you with additional assistance, in case your projects require a more unique approach.

Get the quality, efficiency, and fast turnaround times you expect from our NSW survey drafting services today, and avoid the costs and hassle of setting up your own survey drafting office.